One week to go!

Final week before TechEd! Lots of last-minute things to take care of–personal- and business-wise.

I’m looking forward to TechEd, but am a bit overwhelmed by it all. On Sunday, I’m attending a day-long INETA mini-conference. TechEd starts the next day, with activities beginning early in the morning and continuing late into the evening–all week. The Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are not to be missed, either.

At past TechEds, I had the tendency to try to take it all in–to unrealistically fill up my schedule to the max. And I’m continuing that trend. Case in point: I used the pre-conference tool to select from the 400+ sesssions the ones I want to attend; the result being that I have an average of three sessions to attend at any given time…and an average of two BOF sessions to attend at any given time. I’ll also be performing various INETA administrative activities at various times throughout the week.  Fortunately, a DVD of all of the keynotes and breakout sessions will be provided to all attendees a month or so after the conference. So that lessens the need to be on the go the entire time. Too bad the BOF sessions are not included on the DVD.

Anyway, looking forward to the conference and to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. See you there!

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