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TechEd 2005 Webcasts

Microsoft has published the webcasts for twelve of the most popular sessions at TechEd 2005. Advertisements

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Final thoughts on TechEd 2005

Arrived back home in Pennsylvania on Saturday evening. It was hotter and more humid here than it was in Orlando! Oppressive weather to have to cut the grass in.  TechEd 2005 was unique for me in many ways. It was … Continue reading

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Virtual PC stuff

On Thursday, I attended an excellent session on managing and deploying Virtual PC and Virtual Server. Excellent material and presentation. Speaking of virtual images, Microsoft released Team System Beta 2 in the form of a Virtual PC image file–so you … Continue reading

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Tabbed browsing in IE

I just updated to the latest version of the MSN Search Toolbar. There seems to be some discrepancy over the version number. It’s called Version 1.2 in some places; version 2.0 in others. In any case, the new version adds … Continue reading

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TechEd Podcast From The Microsoft Podcast Team

The Microsoft Podcast Team has been spotted throughout TechEd. Jeff Julian kindly assembled a list of recordings the team has made this week.

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Lunch Sessions – Hidden TechEd Gems

Among the "hidden gems" at TechEd are the Lunch Sessions. Sure, you have to take your lunch to go…or skip lunch altogether, but they are well worth it. On Monday, I attended "Microsoft Learning Presents: Getting Ready for Visual Studio … Continue reading

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“Meet the Visual Basic Team” roundtable

Just finished participating in a "Meet the Visual Basic Team" roundtable discussion. Representing the VB team were Jay Roxe, Jay Schmelzer, Paul Vick, and Paul Yuknewicz. They were looking for personal feedback on how they are doing with VB, what we … Continue reading

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