Monday’s keynote address

(Delayed because of WiFi problems at the convention center)

Steve Ballmer gave the keynote on Monday. Samantha Bee, from The Daily Show, was Steve’s host and provided good, biting commentary. Steve focused on mobile technologies and security, including the "Direct Mobile Messaging with Exchange 2003 SP2" and the "Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5.0". He showed IBM’s first Tablet PC. A cool Virtual Earth demo was shown.

Some frightening statistics: 85,000 cell phones are left behind in taxis each year in Chicago–an average of four per taxi in that city. Steve used that as a segue into the new features in the above-mentioned security feature pack to format a device remotely. Cool.

Some interesting statistics regarding the world-wide .NET development momentum. 43% of companies report that .NET is their primary development tool–compared to 35% for Java.

Regarding the .NET 2.0 Framework: WSTest 1.1 reports that .NET 2.0 is 25-40% faster than .NET 1.1 and up to 200% faster than IBM WebSphere.

Some favorable statistics comparing the security problems of Windows Server compared to Red Hat were also given.

Steve’s address can be seen here.

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