Browster improves your search efforts

I’ve been playing with Browster 1.0–a new plug-in for IE 5+ that enhances your MSN Search, Google, and Yahoo search results.
When a search result page is displayed, Browster uses a pre-fetch method to load the details behind the resulting hyperlinks. When you hover over a small Browster icon next to a search result hyperlink, a frame-less window appears on top of the search page, displaying the associated web site. This provides a quick way to see the details of that particular search result. In addition to being able to interact with this window, pressing Next/Previous buttons displays the web pages associated with the other matches on your original search results page. The window disappears when you move your mouse off of the interactive window.
Overall, I’m impressed. It’s a good use of spare CPU cycles and bandwidth. It also works with eBay and and other search-related sites.
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