Our local VS2005 Community Launch event

Last night, we had our local Visual Studio 2005 Community Launch event for our November Lehigh Valley .NET meeting. The event included the presentation "Developing Smart Client Applications with Visual Studio 2005". (Coincidentally, this was the last session of the day presented at the regional day-long launch events.) The local community launch events were organized by Microsoft and INETA.

The SmartClient session was made up of a handful of slides, with the rest of the presentation made up of meaty demonstrations. Getting the demos to work during rehearsals proved to be a challenge. The materials that Microsoft supplied included a Virtual PC/Server image, made up of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, SQL Server 2005 Enterprise, Visual Studio Team System, and Visual Studio 2005 Professional–products required for some of the other sessions that were presented at the regional launch events. Unfortunately, getting an image with that much overhead required 2GB of RAM to run. Few people (outside of Microsoft, perhaps) have that much RAM in their laptops.

I worked with a number of people both inside and outside of Microsoft to extract the bits required for the Smart Client presentation and to get the presentation to work. I was able to copy this information on to my base laptop and get the demos to work from there. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do all of this until just hours before the launch event! A great deal of "Thanks!" to the following people who helped with this: Jeff Prosise, Brian Goldfarb, Bill Dunlap, Richard Hundhausen, Jacqueline Russell, and Geoff Snowman. Hopefully, my many often-frantic emails to these individuals will result in smoother launch events for those groups in the same situation as our’s.

Overall, I think the presentation went well. The eval comments were all positive. "Thanks!" to Ken Lovely for supplying the pizza and soft drinks. Ken took a few pictures of the event that we hope to put up on our group’s web site. Thanks, too, to Microsoft for providing the materials and give-aways, including five NFR copies of VS2005 Pro and SQL Server 2005.

It was great to participate with Microsoft and INETA on this event!

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