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RSS newsreaders

A work associate asked me for opinions on RSS readers. I get asked this question from associates every few weeks or so, and that invariably leads me to look around for any new readers on the market. In addition to … Continue reading

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Free download of “Visual Studio 2005: A Guided Tour”

A 92-page PDF containing the best MSDN Magazine Visual Studio 2005 coverage from the past two years, updated for the final release of the product. Find out what’s new in C#, C++, Visual Basic, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, Team System, security, … Continue reading

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(Lack of) Progress Bars

UI anomalies really perturb me. I encountered one today that I’ve seen in the past–one that I just have to put into print: progress bars that reach 100% and then reset back to 0%, perhaps doing this numerous times until … Continue reading

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Obscure errors with SQL Server 2005 and VS2005

I have a Windows XP SP2 PC that I installed SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 on soon after both products were RTM’d. For months thereafter, I encountered two odd errors with both products:   1. Every time I … Continue reading

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Philly .NET SQL Server Code Camp Review

I attended the all-day Philly .NET SQL Server Code Camp last Saturday. All the seats were "sold out", even though–like all Code Camps–it was a free event. There were about 150 attendees. Bill Wolff did another fine job of organizing … Continue reading

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Lehigh Valley .NET News – May 2006

Ned Ames is presenting a two-part topic to our Lehigh Valley .NET user group tonight: "What is .NET? Types, Object Lifetime, and Equality".   We have speakers lined up for the next two months’ meeting:   June 21: Don Demsak – … Continue reading

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