Philly .NET SQL Server Code Camp Review

I attended the all-day Philly .NET SQL Server Code Camp last Saturday. All the seats were "sold out", even though–like all Code Camps–it was a free event. There were about 150 attendees. Bill Wolff did another fine job of organizing and running the event.
The event was made up of three session tracks; fortunately, some of the sessions were repeated. The sessions I attended were "What’s New in SQL Server 2005 Security" (presented by Sharon Dooley), "Reporting Services 2005" (presented by Bill Wolff), "Analysis Services 2005" (presented by the always entertaining Mark Scott, who now works for Microsoft), "SQL 2005 Tools Tips & Tricks" (presented by Reed Sutton, also of Microsoft), and "Data Mining" (presented by Mark Scott). The speakers and subject matter for all of the sessions were excellent, although I do have to admit that my eyes were starting to glaze over by the time the late-afternoon session on data mining was presented.

There were numerous prizes awarded at the end of the day, with attendees’ evaluation forms picked at random. The event ended on an especially high note for me personally when my evaluation form was drawn for the first prize–an Xbox 360! Thanks, Microsoft!

Thanks, again, Bill for a wonderful event!
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