Windows Home Server becoming more widely available

I’ve been running Windows Home Server (WHS) on a spare PC in my basement for the last four months; specifically, the release candidate for the first three of those months and the RTM-version for the last month. It’s become my media center storage vault and shared server, as well as my primary device for automatically backing up all of the PCs in the house. It even provides secure remote access! The product is incredibly easy to use and the GUI is very intuitive! If you haven’t tried it out yet, I urge you to do so.
Most customers will get WHS with a new ‘head-less’ (no keyboard, mouse, or monitor) reasonably-priced PC designed for WHS; however, you can purchase an OEM version from various vendors and then install it on your own spare PC–which is what I did. A number of vendors had the RTM version of WHS in stock when it was released about a month ago, but it quickly sold out. I ended up buying my copy from eWIZ for $159.99. I just received an alert from that they now have the product in stock (again); however, it’s priced at $190.99–which is higher than it was originally. Get it at eWIZ; I received the product cross-country, via standard shipping, in only three business days!
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  1. Richard says:

    I have purchased Windows Home Server OEM too – over here in the UK it is available as OEM for around £80 – an excellent price! I had to buy some hardware with it to qualify (though most online stores will let you simply buy a microsoft mouse or other minor sub-£10 hardware item and thus are eligable for the OEM!
    I\’ve been using it for just over 2 weeks and it is absolutely brilliant! I too now use it as my complete resource for home with all our media on it. With HDDs costing so little I simply added 4x Seagate 1Tb HDDs to an old self-built workstation and it has made for a wonderful server – the automatic mirroring (called duplication) by Microsoft will be a great safety feature. I gave it a test the other day by shutting down the server and disconnecting one hard disk to see what happened – and it continued to work, and with a couple of simple clicks it re-created the duplicate on another hard disk! A wonderful product! I cannot recommend it highly enough!
    To save power, I would highly recommend that you use the bios setting (on virtually all machines these days) to turn the server on each morning and then use Scheduled Tasks to make the server shut down each evening – saves it being on when you dont need it (and saves the electricity bill and the environment).
    My only issue is that WHS only allows up to 10 user accounts (+guest) – if anyone knows how to add more user accounts please, please let me know! I have contacted Microsoft to enquire, but they just insisted that I must have obtained WHS illegally because (according to the very dim lady in customer services) it is not yet available to purchase OEM – utter rubbish! Anyway, that aside – there are many small offices that I know would love to use this to link (securely) all of their Xp Home and Vista Home Premium laptops to centralised shares and backup!

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